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API testing is a type of software testing that involves directly interacting with an application's Application Programming Interface (API) to evaluate its performance, functionality, reliability, and security. Unlike traditional GUI testing which focuses on user-facing elements of an application, API testing is concerned with the business logic layer of the software architecture. This testing verifies that the API returns the expected responses for a given set of inputs, handles error conditions correctly, and behaves as expected under various conditions. It can include testing various aspects of the API such as the HTTP response codes, response times, data accuracy, authorization checks, and error codes. API testing can be conducted manually using tools like Postman or automatically with various programming languages and frameworks.


  1. API testing using Playwright

    Playwright offers a powerful solution for API testing that easily integrates with your existing end-to-end testing workflows. In this article, we'll explore the various features of Playwright for API testing, with a focus on using JavaScript for code examples.

    Luc Gagan


How To Wait For API Response | Playwright Tutorial - Part 44
How To Wait For API Response | Playwright Tutorial - Part 44


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