Chrome Dev Tools Element Selector

Google Chrome Extension for generating CSS selectors compatible with Playwright, Puppeteer, Cypress, and Selenium for streamlined web testing and scraping.

This tool lets you select web elements effortlessly, no matter how nested or complex, and swiftly generate accurate CSS, xpath and Playwright locators.

Rayrun extension produced selectors work with popular testing tools such as Puppeteer, Playwright, Cypress, and Selenium.

Rayrun enhances your web development and testing workflow, making the tasks of testing, debugging, and web scraping more efficient and less tedious.

If you are using @playwright/test, you can also use the built in codegen tools for generating selectors.

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It helps me to make a better product. Thanks and good luck!

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Rayrun is a community for QA engineers. I am constantly looking for new ways to add value to people learning Playwright and other browser automation frameworks. If you have feedback, email luc@ray.run.