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Intercepting API to avoid rate limit

caesarsaladposted in #help-playwright
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hi all, when i started my project and wants to make use of parallelism in playwright, i encountered an issue where i got rate-limited. imagine i am running 3 tests in parallel, each of which will call this endpoint /createProject. so i mock the API using page.route. however this does not solve my problem, it seems like the actual API endpoint is still being hit. may i know if there's a way to intercept the API properly? thanks!

This thread is trying to answer question "Is there a way to properly intercept an API to avoid rate limits while running parallel tests in Playwright?"

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Mocking the api usually works. https://playwright.dev/docs/mock "Devil lies in the details" so share some code (maybe) to see why the endpoint is being hit.


Hi, maybe the third party API is being called by your backend service, and not by the frontend?

For mocking dependencies of your backend, you will need to use other solutions, like Wiremock, and configure the test environment to connect to that mock service instead of the real thing.

the APIs are actually being intercepted, i got the endpoints mixed up 🫣 my bad

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