Rayrun Community

Welcome to the Rayrun Discord community! Whether you're a seasoned test automation engineer or just starting out, this is your go-to space to dive deep into the world of Playwright and other cutting-edge test automation frameworks.

Who can join?


📚 What you'll find:

  • Access to a preview of the latest Rayrun features.
  • Expert insights on Playwright and other automation tools.
  • An exclusive platform to ask Luc Gagan all your pressing questions.
  • Networking opportunities with other community members who share your passion.
  • Regular tutorials, webinars, and updates on the latest trends and best practices in the world of test automation.

Come, join our vibrant community, and elevate your test automation game. We look forward to having you onboard!

Suggestions or feedback

This is a new endeavour for a lot of us, and starting a whole new Discord community means that a bunch of the setup still needs to be done. Please reach out to me (Luc Gagan) through Discord if you have any suggestions or ideas about things we can implement.

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Rayrun is a community for QA engineers. I am constantly looking for new ways to add value to people learning Playwright and other browser automation frameworks. If you have feedback, email luc@ray.run.