How do I upload a file using Playwright's APIRequestContext.post() method when the standard methods are not working?


Uploading Files with Playwright's APIRequestContext.post()

If you're having trouble uploading a file using the standard methods in Playwright, there's an alternative approach you can try. You can simulate the file upload process by sending a POST request with the file content as the request body.

First, you need to read the content of the file you want to upload. You can use Node.js's fs library to do this. Once you have the file content, you can create a buffer object using Buffer.from().

Then, you can use Playwright's APIRequestContext.post() method to send an HTTP(S) POST request with the file content as part of the request body. This method will automatically populate request cookies from the context and update context cookies from the response.

Here's an example:

import { page } from '@playwright/test';
import fs from 'fs';

// Read and prepare your file content
const filePath = '/path/to/your/file.pdf';
const buffer = fs.readFileSync(filePath);

// Send POST request with form data
await page.context().post('https://ray.run/upload', {
  formData: {
    // Add any additional form fields if required
    field1: 'value1',
    field2: 'value2',
    // Specify your file field with its name, type, and content
    myFile: {
      name: 'file.pdf',
      mimeType: 'application/pdf',

In this example, we first read the contents of our target PDF file using fs.readFileSync(). Then we pass this buffer object along with any additional form fields in an object structure under formData parameter when making our POST request using APIRequestContext.post(). Make sure to provide the correct file name, MIME type, and buffer content.

This approach allows you to bypass the need for input file or file chooser elements and directly send the file content as part of an HTTP(S) request. This can be useful when the standard methods are not working due to API call issues.


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