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Leveraging Swagger API for test generation?

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Has anyone found a way to do this well? All of our API's are automatically documented with Swagger, which means it already has everything needed for solid assertions, request and post payloads, and responses. Just trying think of a good way to leverage all that data.

This thread is trying to answer question "Has anyone found a way to leverage Swagger API for test generation?"

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Yes also interested in this one (same situation here 😀 ) .

GG @4m3r1984, you just advanced to Playwright community level 2! Keep up the amazing work.


Any ideas on this? Looking for the same


If the API (server side) was (mostly) generated based on the OpenAPI/Swagger document then you can assume all the basic validations work as documented, and you can focus your end-to-end tests on the business capabilities which the APIs are supposed to provide. (And those tests probably require more human intelligence to write.)

But if the API wasn't built in that utopian way, still a lot of the detailed validations could probably better be tested as unit tests instead of end-to-end tests.

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