How can I use Playwright to check if an email contains specific content?


Sure, you can verify email content in Playwright using its API. Let's say you want to check if the email contains the word "welcome". You can use the getByText() method to find the element with this text and then use the toBeVisible() assertion to check its visibility. Here's how you do it:

await expect(page.getByText('welcome')).toBeVisible();

This assertion waits until the condition is met, ensuring the email content is visible before proceeding. Remember, it's better to use web-first assertions like toBeVisible() instead of manual ones. Manual assertions without awaiting expect may not wait for a specific condition, leading to unreliable test results.

For more complex verifications, you can use other locator methods like hasNotText or combine locators using logical operators like .or(). These methods allow you to filter elements based on certain conditions or create locators that match either of multiple locators.

For more details, check out Playwright's official documentation on release notes and best practices.

In short, to verify email content in Playwright, locate the relevant elements using appropriate locators and perform web-first assertions on them. This way, you can ensure reliable and accurate verification of email content in your tests.


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