What is the method to wait for a specific API response before proceeding with tests in Playwright?


Waiting for API Responses in Playwright

In Playwright, you can use the page.waitForResponse() method to ensure an API response is resolved before proceeding with your tests. This method waits for a specific network response before moving on.

Here's how you can use it:

const responsePromise = page.waitForResponse('https://ray.run/api/endpoint');
await page.click('button'); // This action triggers the API request
const response = await responsePromise; // Wait for the API response

In this example, 'https://ray.run/api/endpoint' is the URL of the API endpoint you're waiting for. After triggering the API request (by clicking a button in this case), you wait for the responsePromise to resolve, which means the API response has been received.

This method ensures your tests only proceed after receiving and handling the necessary data from APIs. It helps synchronize your test flow and ensures accurate testing against expected responses.

For more details on handling network requests in Playwright, check out this blog post.


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