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Waiting for the text to change

brownie_luvrposted in #help-playwright
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Hi i am trying to find a solution for the below case.

  1. Element rendered by a third party library shows a text "--".
  2. Then after few seconds when API response arrives, the "--" text gets replaced with numeric value.

Not i am trying to assert if the numeric value is rendered and withing the bounds say 100-2000. How to tackle this test ? I have tried using expect.toPass and assert not.toContainText("--") but nothing helps.

This thread is trying to answer question "How can I assert if a numeric value is rendered within certain bounds after an initial '--' text is replaced by this value, which is updated after an API response?"

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Hello @brownie_luvr I would to it like that: await page.waitForResponse("UrApi"); then you can assert the the number with regex


@.aleksandaraleksandrov Thanks. It works after waiting for the API response.

I don't like the approach of waiting for API in E2E test. I suggest you to use accessibility instead:

Put <span aria-busy="true" aria-label="Waiting for value">--</span> if possible.

Then wait for all aria-busy to be resolved. You can find the function here: https://github.com/argos-ci/argos-javascript/blob/366dc3bdb4a0a8ed87fc7a2cbf28db1f218567ad/packages/browser/src/stabilization.ts#L87-L102

It is also a good method to stabilize for Visual Testing, built-in in Argos (https://argos-ci.com) by the way.

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