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playwright 1.4 closes apiRequestContext after beforeAll, causing context has been closed error

I have noticed with issue only with 1.4 version of playwright. Does not happen in 1.39.

Has anything changed in how apiRequestContext is shared between beforeAll and test?


let apiClass;
test.beforeAll(async ({ request }) => {
  apiClass = new ApiClass(requst);
  ... do something ...

test('first test', async () => {
  await apiClass.doSomething();

when apiClass method is called within test, the following error shows only in playwright 1.4: Error: apiRequestContext.storageState: Target page, context or browser has been closed

If i reinitialize apiClass within test, error disappears

This thread is trying to answer question "Has the way apiRequestContext is shared between beforeAll and tests changed in Playwright 1.4, and how should it be correctly initialized?"

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found that that 1.4 for shared request context rquires for it to be defined as follows:

let request = await playwright.request.newContext();```

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