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Test performance, in the context of software testing, typically refers to the speed and efficiency with which test cases are executed. This includes the time it takes to run the entire test suite or individual tests, as well as the system resources (such as CPU, memory, disk I/O) consumed during test execution. High test performance is desirable as it enables faster feedback cycles, which is especially valuable in continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) environments where tests are run frequently. Factors affecting test performance may include the efficiency of the test code, the size and complexity of the software under test, the performance of any dependencies (like databases or web servers), and the capacity of the testing infrastructure. Techniques for improving test performance may involve optimizing test code, parallelizing test execution, and using more powerful hardware or cloud resources for testing.


  1. Cross-Browser Analysis of Playwright Testing Efficiency

    We will dissect the intricacies of using Playwright across various web browsers, providing insights into performance variations, strengths, and potential weaknesses.

    Luc Gagan
  2. Maximizing Test Efficiency with Parallelism in Playwright

    Let's dive into managing worker processes, parallelizing tests in a single file, and controlling the test order for the best possible efficiency.

    Luc Gagan
  3. How to Block Ads During the Execution of Playwright Tests

    As a software QA engineer, you might encounter situations where ads interfere with your test automation scripts, causing unexpected failures. To ensure a smooth and efficient testing experience, we will examine several techniques to block ads using the Playwright framework.

    Luc Gagan



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