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`getByRole('definition', { name: 'Status' })` not working but works in Testing Playground

Given markup like the following:

    <dt id="ticket-status">Status</dt>
    <dd aria-labelledby="ticket-status">open</dd>
    <dt id="ticket-team">Team</dt>
    <dd aria-labelledby="ticket-team">My Team</dd>

Using the following selector:

await expect(
  page.getByRole('definition', { name: 'Status' })


The <dd> containing "open" labeled by "Status" would be selected and the test passes.


The element is never found and an error is thrown

More Context

The odd part is that if I open the Testing Playground Chrome Extension, then evaluate:

screen.getByRole('defintion', { name: 'Status' })

That seems to work.

This thread is trying to answer question "Why does 'getByRole('definition', { name: 'Status' })' not work in the testing code but works in the Testing Playground Chrome Extension?"

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Would suggest taking the time to read up on locators and understand how they works, plentiy of youtube videos covering them too...

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