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React electron boilerplate slow fixture

I've did quite some research on the internet for e2e testing and Playwright got on top, fast, good for memory, multibrowsers, multitabs.

But after that I've tried both, Cypress takes 6 seconds while Playwright took 19 seconds. Which is 7 seconds and I think that's pretty long.

So for loading localhost:3000 it takes pretty long in my opinion. Is there a solution for that? Or should I try loading components? Or did I do something wrong?

This thread is trying to answer question "Is there a solution to reduce the long loading time for localhost:3000 in Playwright, or should I try loading components instead? Am I doing something wrong in my approach?"

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Should I not be doing this? test.beforeEach(async ({ page }) => { await page.goto('http://localhost:3000/'); });

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