Puppeteer is an open-source Node.js library developed by Google that allows developers to automate and test web browsers. It provides a high-level API to control various browser actions, such as generating screenshots, automating form submissions, and intercepting network requests. Puppeteer supports multiple browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari, and allows for both headless (without a user interface) and non-headless operation. It supports a broad range of automation capabilities, including single-page applications, mobile viewport emulation, geolocation testing, and more. Puppeteer is often used in end-to-end testing to ensure that applications function correctly across different web platforms.


  1. Comparing Automated Testing Tools: Cypress, Selenium, Playwright, and Puppeteer

    We will explore the strengths and performance benchmarks of popular automated testing tools - Cypress, Selenium, Playwright, and Puppeteer. Explore their features, use cases, and find the best tool for your testing needs.

    Luc Gagan


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