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How to send command with SessionId from 'Target.attachedToTarget'

I'm using chromium

const browser = await chromium.launch({
// ...
  const cdp = await browser.newBrowserCDPSession()
  await cdp.send('Target.setAutoAttach', {
    waitForDebuggerOnStart: true,
    autoAttach: true,
    flatten: true,

  cdp.on('Target.attachedToTarget', async function({ sessionId, targetInfo, waitingForDebugger }) {
  const session = sessions.get(sessionId) // I want to do sth like 
  session.send(method, params) // <~~ I need to do it but dont know how to resolve session from sessionId

This thread is trying to answer question "How can I send a command with SessionId from 'Target.attachedToTarget' in Chromium?"

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