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Cannot launch new browser when one already initialized

I have the next fixture:

async function configPage<T extends IPages>(pageClass: new (args: Page) => T, fn: (page: T) => Promise<void>) {
  const browser = await chromium.launch();
  const fileName = './appLoginInfo.json';
  fs.writeFileSync(fileName, APP_LOGIN_INFO as string, 'utf-8');
  const context = await browser.newContext({ storageState: fileName });
  await context.route(/(analytics|fonts)/, (route) => route.abort());
  const page = new pageClass(await context.newPage());

  await fn(page);

  await browser.close();

and through the test I'm initialize new browser with new context and page like this:

static async initializeNewContextWithPage<IPages>(type: new (obj: Page) => IPages): Promise<IPages> {
    const browser = await chromium.launch();
    const context = await browser.newContext();
    await context.route(/(analytics|fonts)/, (route) => route.abort());
    const page = await context.newPage();
    return new type(page);

when it's ran on the launching new browser 2nd time the timeout exception is thrown.

Error: browserType.launch: Timeout 180000ms exceeded

Any ideas? Before updating to the latest version it's worked

This thread is trying to answer question "Why does launching a new browser when one is already initialized result in a timeout exception, and how can this issue be resolved?"

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Does it work with an increased timeout


Did you resintall the browsers for playwright ?

$ npx playwright uninstall --all # remove all ever-install Playwright browsers

Then reinstall them?

just tried. Did not help

Is the issue with all browser types?

I didnot check it for other, I do not need it

No but it will tell you if it’s an issue specific to chromium

ok, let me try

same for firefox and webkit

I think this is a bug

I created a bug report for this

Last thing i can think of trying.

Reinstall Playwright: If you haven’t done so already, try reinstalling Playwright and the associated browser binaries all together. Remove the node_modules folder and any lock files, then reinstall the dependencies.

let's try, do you think some cache?

nope, it's not helped

I’m out of ideas sorry

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