This level is for individuals who have a firm grasp of a programming language and are looking to gain expertise in test automation. They might delve into topics such as multithreading, design patterns, performance optimization in code, alongside advanced test automation topics like load testing, performance testing, visual regression testing, and testing in continuous delivery environments.


  1. Testing Next.js Apps Using Playwright

    Supercharge your Next.js app testing with Playwright – a tool for automating Chromium, Firefox, and WebKit browsers. In this guide, I will walk you through setting up and running your first Playwright E2E test for a Next.js application.

    Luc Gagan
  2. Mastering Playwright: Best Practices for Web Automation with the Page Object Model

    Learn the best practices for creating maintainable, reliable, and scalable test scripts using POM.

    Luc Gagan


Reuse Playwright  Code across Files and Tests with Fixtures
Reuse Playwright Code across Files and Tests with Fixtures


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Rayrun is a community for QA engineers. I am constantly looking for new ways to add value to people learning Playwright and other browser automation frameworks. If you have feedback, email luc@ray.run.