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NX in cy with"@nx/playwright:playwright"

daniel_boone1990posted in #help-playwright
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In my local the NX command can find the config file with the test dir. But in the CI "github actions" the config file doesn't got resolved and the test-run doesn't have any tests.

"e2e:non-conflicting": { "executor": "@nx/playwright:playwright", "outputs": ["{workspaceRoot}/dist/.playwright/apps/***-e2e-testing"], "options": { "config": "apps/*****-e2e-testing/playwright.non-conflicting.config.ts", "trace": "on" } },

- name: Run Playwright smoke tests id: testing run: yarn nx e2e:non-conflicting ***-e2e-testing

Actually the browsers got installed so it finds the executor, but the test run doesn't got any tests

Anyone an idea why this command is not working in the CI

This thread is trying to answer question "Why is the NX command not working in the CI 'github actions'?"

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