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What exactly is mcr.microsoft.com/playwright for?

cswdi_62859posted in #help-playwright
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I have trouble understanding what the image actually is for. I have a laravel project where I managed to use playwright, but only if I installed playwright in an already existing node.js server.

So basically my question is this: When using this image, do I still need to install playwright or does it really include everything to run my tests?

And how can I use the image if I allready have tests written, do I have to copy them into the container?

I'm missing a good guide explaining this all to me 😦

This thread is trying to answer question "Does the mcr.microsoft.com/playwright Docker image include Playwright, or does it need to be installed separately?"

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If you dont have the supported OS then you need to use Docker image


You can use the container as agent in your CI.

Is playwright installed inside that image or just the browsers? Couldn't find a playwright installation.

Only browsers and operating system dependencies. You need to install playwright with the package manager of choice yourself. E.g. npm

Thanks @mxschmitt , I got it now.

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