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Test management tool for playwright

Hi all! My team is choosing a test management tool to integrate with our playwright testing. We’re currently evaluating testRail, practiTest, Tuskr and X-RAY. I would love to hear from the community if any of you have good or bad experiences with these management tools or any others!! Thanks!

This thread is trying to answer question "What are the experiences with test management tools like testRail, practiTest, Tuskr, and X-RAY when integrating with Playwright testing?"

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TestRail is a very popular test management tool that integrates very well with Playwright through custom reports. Then there are Jira-related tools, such as Zephyr and Xray. You can see how to integrate them here: https://github.com/cenfun/monocart-reporter?tab=readme-ov-file#testrail-integration

In my team we use Zephyr but i would love to hear what you did take in the end.

TestMo can import automation results in the JUnit XML format. TestRail has extended API so you can do everything you need from test run creation, connecting test cases to the run, setup status for each test and adding attachments. It depends on your needs.

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