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Merge junit reports after sharding

harshasuraweeraposted in #help-playwright
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I'm using junit xml file to send test execution details to testrail. The issue I'm facing is that when I use 10 shards, the trcli python library uses the last sharded job's xml file. (Seems it is getting replaced by shards). Is there any way to overcome this issue?

This thread is trying to answer question "Is there any way to prevent junit xml files from being replaced when using 10 shards with the trcli python library?"

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maybe you can generate unique names for the junit reports (use uuid in config for example)

there is a example for testrail integration but not using junit reports https://github.com/cenfun/monocart-reporter-test/tree/main/integrations/testrail

I have a uuid added to the junit xml file name, so all the reports are stored as unique files and not overriden.

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