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Publish which browser a test is targeting in CI

Has anyone here tried submitting your Playwright results to testmo via GitHub actions? I can't figure out a nice to submit which browser each test is targeting. Right now, the only way I've found is to put this in all my tests:

test('My test', async ({ page, browserName }) => {
    type: 'browser',
    description: browserName


But I would prefer if I could make it without manually setting an annotation in all my tests.

This thread is trying to answer question "How can one submit Playwright test results to Testmo via GitHub actions and indicate the browser being targeted without manually adding annotations to each test?"

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Hey! we're also using Testmo along with Playwright... we didn't send the browser though and I can't see anywhere to do it better than what you did here...

Maybe you can open an issue at: https://github.com/jonasclaes/playwright-testmo-reporter/tree/main

We just started using this lib and it does a good job imo

Yeah we are using that same lib, and it's nice, I will make sure to create an issue for it 🙂

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