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Reliable way to know where Playwright installs browser

I'm trying to add support for Playwright over at https://github.com/Nuitka/Nuitka/ However, we haven't been able to find a reliable way to know where the browsers are install to, we could force it to within the playwright site-package folder, but that's not really portable because users might be using an env variable changing the install path, or they might not

This thread is trying to answer question "How can one reliably determine the installation path of browsers installed by Playwright for integration with Nuitka?"

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i was thinking of using https://github.com/microsoft/playwright-python/blob/main/playwright/_impl/_driver.py https://github.com/microsoft/playwright-python/blob/main/playwright/__main__.py

return package_path / "driver" / "playwright.cmd"
        return package_path / "driver" / "playwright.sh"
``` but i can't find those files, are they generated somehow? if so i'm not seeing the code where that happens.

Resolved in github, thank you

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