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Playwright storageState with github actions and stripe

mohamad_97530posted in #help-playwright
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I'm using playwright v1.42.1 and I have a project in my playwright config file which is a dependency for other projects. This dependency project only runs a signup function and saves the data in storageState using: await page.context().storageState({ path: STORAGE_STATE_PRO })so i don't have to run the signup on each test. The tests work locally, but when I run them in github actions with shards where the signup project runs once in each shard, the signup fails, throws the below error and all the tests in the shard get skipped. Any idea what could be causing the storageState to throw a timeout?

Error: browserContext.storageState: Test timeout of 60000ms exceeded.

 page.context().storageState({ path: STORAGE_STATE_PRO });

This happens most of the times when i run my tests in github, but sometimes the error isn't thrown and the tests pass

This thread is trying to answer question "What could be causing the `storageState` to throw a timeout error when running Playwright tests in GitHub Actions with shards, especially in relation to Stripe payment processing?"

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My website uses stripe payments and I noticed that page.context().storageState opens https://js.stripe.com/ in a new tab next to the signup tab when the issue occurs; hence the timeout error is thrown


Playwright storageState with github actions and stripe

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