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ci/cd integration - best practices

Hello guys, now i have some tests running and stable, i would like to add a new optionnal job for the moment in our applicative cd pipeline to trigger plawyright test. I dont find any doc for beginers. I my mind, i have to : -push my test in a specific github repo -From the applicative repo, add a new job to tun the test stored in the other repo.

Am i right ? Thanks a lot

This thread is trying to answer question "How to integrate Playwright tests into a CI/CD pipeline and where to store the tests?"

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The official docs are potentially useful here https://playwright.dev/docs/ci

My advice, don't make e2e tests optional, they should be written so that they can be run every time in your pipelines (wherever your strategy dictates they should be run)

Thanks, @.chrisc when i follow this doc, i understand that on merge on branch in the playwright repo test will be trigger, right ? So for me, i have to store my playwright test in the same applicaitve repository, and i would like to avoid that.

We keep tests alongside our application repos However in ADO you can utilise other repos in the same project, not sure about other providers as I've only ever done this a few times in ADO.

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