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auth.setup.ts not running (following documentation)

augustinsorelposted in #help-playwright
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Hi guys,

I am trying to add e2e tests with playwright and I am following the documentation (https://playwright.dev/docs/auth) I have copied the exact same code from the docs but I encounter an error with it. I get:

Error: Error reading storage state from e2e/.auth/user.json:
ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'e2e/.auth/user.json'

I am guessing that my auth.setup.ts file isn't being run. As I can't see any user.json output. I have tried to create that user.json file manually but that does not solve the error.

Any help would be very much appricated 🙌

Here is my github repo if it helps: https://github.com/AugustinSorel/gym-graphs/tree/FEAT/e2e-oauth And here is the code:

This thread is trying to answer question "Why isn't 'auth.setup.ts' being executed, and why is 'user.json' not being generated when following the Playwright documentation for authentication in e2e tests?"

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import { test as setup, expect } from "@playwright/test";
import dotenv from "dotenv";


const authFile = "e2e/.auth/user.json";

const user = {
  email: process.env.E2E_GOOGLE_USER_EMAIL,
  password: process.env.E2E_GOOGLE_USER_PASSWORD,

setup("authentication", async ({ page }) => {
  if (!user.email) {
    throw new Error("user google user email is missing form env");

  if (!user.password) {
    throw new Error("user google user password is missing form env");

  // Perform authentication steps. Replace these actions with your own.
  await page.goto("https://github.com/login");
  await page.getByLabel("Username or email address").fill(user.email);
  await page.getByLabel("Password").fill(user.password);
  await page.getByRole("button", { name: "Sign in" }).click();

  await page.waitForURL("https://github.com/");
  await expect(
    page.getByRole("button", { name: "View profile and more" }),

  await page.context().storageState({ path: authFile });

config file:

projects: [
    { name: "setup", testMatch: /.*\.setup\.ts/ },

      name: "chromium",
      use: {
        ...devices["Desktop Chrome"],
        // Use prepared auth state.
        storageState: "e2e/.auth/user.json",
      dependencies: ["setup"],

      name: "firefox",
      use: {
        ...devices["Desktop Firefox"],
        // Use prepared auth state.
        storageState: "e2e/.auth/user.json",
      dependencies: ["setup"],

ok never mind It turns out running npx playwright test --ui does not trigger the auth.setup.ts


but npx playwright test will

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