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What is the best Practices for Loading CSV Data in Playwright Tests

I'm currently working on Playwright tests, and I'm faced with a scenario where I need to load data from CSV files for my tests. While I've successfully implemented this functionality, my test files now have quite a few import statements, making them look a bit messy. I'm wondering if there are better practices or strategies to load CSV data into my tests without cluttering the import statements in the test files.

`import test, { expect } from "../src/app.healthcheck.fixture/healthcheck.fixture"; import fs from "fs"; import path from "path"; import { parse } from "csv-parse/sync";

const uiFilePath = path.join('src', 'app.healthcheck.dataprovider', 'Health Check - Web.csv'); const apiFilePath = path.join('src', 'app.healthcheck.dataprovider', 'Health Check - API.csv');

const uiRecords = parse(fs.readFileSync(uiFilePath, 'utf8'), { columns: true, skip_empty_lines: true }); const apiRecords = parse(fs.readFileSync(apiFilePath, 'utf8'), { columns: true, skip_empty_lines: true });

// ... Tests using uiRecords and apiRecords `

I'd like to know if there are any best practices or alternative approaches to load CSV data into tests that can help keep the test files cleaner and more maintainable.

Any suggestions or insights would be greatly appreciated!

This thread is trying to answer question "What are the best practices for loading CSV data in Playwright tests to avoid cluttered import statements?"

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If you are worrying about the number of import statements then please don't. Really this is not much so don't bother it is fine. The thing that I would do is to move all the code related to csv reading into the separate file/class whatever. The csv reading should not be the part if the test itself. You just want to call a method or class which reads the data and you can use it in the test. So my high level plan will be: create a method which for example accepts the file name as a parameter > the method returns the data from the csv file > import the method in the test file > call the method with the file name

Sure! thank you 👍

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