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How to download recent browsers in Playwright?

Hi so I have some issue with Playwright, we use some SDK and it does require new browser. Otherwise we can't pass that step (but we need it).

I found this doc, and I can't find anything what I could use tho. I can specify server with binaries but any list, or even is it reliable to have such things on different server, doesn't default ones has them? https://playwright.dev/docs/browsers

For now in our CD with yarn pw:install (playwright install) we downloaded Chromium 117.0.5938.62, Firefox 117.0 and Webkit 17.0.

Which seems pretty new on changelog. It's how I use it in config:

// ...
projects: [
      name: 'dashboard',
      testDir: './tests/dashboard/suits',
      use: { ...devices['Desktop Chrome'] },
      name: 'support',
      testDir: './tests/support/suits',
      use: { ...devices['Desktop Chrome'] },
// ...

This thread is trying to answer question "How can I download recent browsers in Playwright?"

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You need to keep Playwright up to date, then you get the latest browsers: https://playwright.dev/docs/best-practices#keep-your-playwright-dependency-up-to-date

oh got ya, I see now (https://playwright.dev/docs/release-notes#browser-versions); so it's tied up with the playwright version, thanks!

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