What resources are available for support and learning about Playwright?


Here's how you can get support for Playwright:

Playwright Community

Visit the Playwright Community for a wealth of resources. Watch conference talks, live streams, and feature videos. Check out the Ambassador page to discover content created by passionate community members.


If you encounter issues or have specific questions, create an issue on GitHub. It's a great way to report bugs, request new features, or report regressions and security vulnerabilities.


Interested in contributing to Playwright? Check out the contributing guide on the community website.


Join the community Discord server for real-time interaction with other developers. Ask questions in the 'help-playwright' forum, share your own content, and participate in live events.

Stack Overflow

Browse through existing questions tagged with "playwight" on Stack Overflow or ask your own question.


Follow @playwightweb on Twitter for all the latest news.


For more in-depth knowledge, check out these blog posts:

I hope this helps! Let me know if you need more information.


Thank you!
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