What methods can I use in Playwright to assert an array in a test when the elements are not in the same position?


Asserting Arrays in Tests with Playwright

When testing with @playwright/test, you might need to assert arrays where elements aren't in the same position. Here's how you can do it.

Using toHaveText

Playwright's LocatorAssertions class provides a method called toHaveText. This method checks if a locator points to elements with specific text values. Here's how you can use it:

await expect(page.locator('ul > li')).toHaveText(['Text 1', 'Text 2', 'Text 3']);

This will pass if the <li> elements have the text values "Text 1", "Text 2", and "Text 3" in any order. If you want to assert a specific order, provide the expected text values in that order:

await expect(page.locator('ul > li')).toHaveText(['Text 3', 'Text 2', 'Text 1']);

Using toContainEqual

If you only want to assert that certain items exist within an array without considering their positions, you can use toContainEqual from GenericAssertions. This method checks if a collection contains an object with properties matching those of your expectation. Here's an example:

const value = [
   { example: 1 },
   { another: 2 },
   { more: 3 },

expect(value).toContainEqual({ another: 2 });

This will pass because there is an object within value that has a property named "another" with a value of 2.

In summary, toHaveText and toContainEqual are powerful tools for accurate and detailed assertions in your tests. Happy testing with Playwright!


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