What is the process of creating a fixture in Playwright?


Creating a Fixture in Playwright

Creating a fixture in Playwright is a breeze with the extend method from the @playwright/test package. Fixtures are handy for setting up and tearing down resources for tests, like browser instances or pages.

Fixture Scopes

You can specify the scope of your fixture. Test-scoped fixtures are set up and torn down for each test, while worker-scoped fixtures are shared across multiple tests within a single worker process. You can even define dependencies between fixtures with the dependsOn option.

Creating a Fixture

To create a fixture, define an async function that returns the resource for your tests. This function receives an object with properties depending on your fixture's scope (e.g., page, context, or browser). You can use this resource in your test by passing it as an argument.

Here's an example of a fixture that sets up a new page instance before each test:

import { test as base } from '@playwright/test';

const myFixture = base.extend({
  page: async ({ browser }, use) => {
    const page = await browser.newPage();
    await use(page);
    await page.close();

test('my test', async ({ page }) => {
  // Use the "page" instance here

Fixture Options

You can define options for your fixtures using TypeScript interfaces. Options allow you to configure your fixtures externally (e.g., via command-line arguments or configuration files). To do so, extend your fixture type with an interface containing all of its options:

import { FixtureFn } from '@playwright/test';

interface MyOptions {
  foo: string;

const myFixture: FixtureFn<MyOptions> = base.extend({
  bar: async ({ foo }, use) => {
    console.log(`Using option "foo": ${foo}`);
    await use('hello');

test('my test', async ({ bar }) => {
  // Use "bar" here

That's it! You're now ready to create your own fixtures in Playwright. Happy testing!


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