How do I use environment variables to share data from a 'before all' hook in Node.js and Playwright tests?


Sure, you can share data from a 'before all' hook in Node.js and Playwright tests using environment variables. Here's how you can do it:

Setting Environment Variables

First, you need to set the data as environment variables in your global setup file. Here's an example:

// global-setup.ts
import type { FullConfig } from '@playwright/test';

async function globalSetup(config: FullConfig) {
  process.env.DATA = 'some data';

export default globalSetup;

Accessing Environment Variables

Next, you can access the shared data in your tests through process.env. Here's how:

// test.spec.ts
import { test } from '@playwright/test';

test('test', async ({ page }) => {
  const sharedData = process.env.DATA;
  // Now you can use the sharedData in your test logic

Using environment variables is a great way to share data between different parts of your tests. It's like a centralized storage where you can retrieve shared information without passing it between functions or files.

Plus, it ensures that the shared data remains consistent throughout all tests in a single run. This is super useful when you're running tests concurrently or across multiple workers.

So, go ahead and leverage environment variables to share data in your Node.js and Playwright tests. It's an effective approach that can make your testing process smoother and more efficient.


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