What is the method to connect Playwright running in a Docker container to a backend server at localhost:8000?


Accessing Localhost from a Docker Container with Playwright

To connect to a backend server at localhost:8000 from a Playwright Docker container, you need to share the network namespace between the container and the host machine. You can do this by using the --network="host" flag when running your Docker container.

Here's how you do it:

docker run -it --network="host" playwright-container

This setup allows you to access your backend server at localhost:8000 from within the Docker container. But be aware, this exposes all network interfaces of your host machine to the container, which could have security implications.

If you prefer a more secure method, create a bridge network and connect your backend server and Playwright Docker containers to it.

First, create a bridge network:

docker network create my-network

Then, start your backend server container:

docker run -d --name backend-server --net=my-network -p 8000:8000 my-backend-image

Finally, start your Playwright Docker container:

docker run -it --name playwright-container --net=my-network playwright-image

Now, both containers can communicate with each other. Inside the Playwright Docker container, you can access the backend server at http://backend-server:8000.

Remember to replace my-backend-image and playwright-image with your actual image names or tags.


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