How do I integrate Playwright for visual testing in different CI/CD environments like Jenkins, Bitbucket Pipelines, GitLab CI, or Azure Pipelines?


Integrating Playwright for Visual Testing in CI/CD Environments

Playwright is a robust tool for visual testing in CI/CD environments. It supports multiple programming languages and allows you to automate browser actions and validate the visual appearance of your web application across different browsers.


If you're using Jenkins, use Docker agents to run your tests. Use the Playwright Docker image provided by Microsoft. Here's an example of how to configure the agent in a Jenkins pipeline:

pipeline {
  agent {
    docker {
      image 'mcr.microsoft.com/playwright:v1.XX.X-jammy'
  stages {
    stage('e2e-tests') {
      steps {
        sh 'ci'
        sh 'npx playwright test'

Bitbucket Pipelines

For Bitbucket Pipelines, you can also use Docker images as build environments. Here's an example configuration for running Playwright tests:

image: mcr.microsoft.com/playwright:v1.XX.X-jammy

    • step:
        name: Run Playwright Tests
          • ci
          • npx playwright test

GitLab CI

For GitLab CI, you can also use the Playwright Docker image. GitLab CI supports sharding tests between multiple jobs for faster execution. Here's an example configuration:

  • test

  stage: test
  image: mcr.microsoft.com/playwright:v1.XX.X-jammy
  parallel: 7
    • npm ci
    • npx playwright test --shard=$CI_NODE_INDEX/$CI_NODE_TOTAL

Azure Pipelines

For Azure Pipelines, integrating Playwright is straightforward. For Windows or macOS agents, no additional configuration is required. For Linux agents, you can use a Docker container with Azure Pipelines support or install all necessary dependencies using command line tools.

Playwright provides a reliable solution for visual testing in any pipeline/CI environment. For more information, check out our blog post on the rapid adoption of Playwright in software QA.


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