What is causing my failed test to return an exit code of 0 instead of properly reporting the failure in my CI system?


Troubleshooting Failed Test Exit Codes in CI

You might be wondering why a failed test in your CI system is returning an exit code of 0. This can happen due to several reasons.

Unhandled Errors

Firstly, unhandled errors or exceptions in your test framework or environment can cause abrupt termination of test execution without reporting the failure. This results in an incorrect exit code.

CI System Configurations

Secondly, your CI system might have specific configurations that determine how failures are reported. If these settings are misconfigured or inconsistent, it can lead to incorrect reporting of failed tests.


Lastly, any customizations or modifications made to your CI pipeline or testing framework can impact how failures are detected and reported.


To solve this, start by reviewing the logs generated during the test execution. They can provide insights into any unhandled exceptions or errors.

Also, check for any updates or patches related to your CI system and testing framework. They often include bug fixes and improvements that can address known issues with error reporting and handling.

In conclusion, keep your software up to date, analyze logs, and review configurations to identify and resolve this issue. For more insights, check out the blog post on Mastering the Art of Detecting and Handling Flaky Tests in Playwright.


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