What are the steps to load a Chrome extension in a CI/CD environment using Playwright?


Loading Chrome Extensions in CI/CD with Playwright

First, ensure Playwright is installed in your CI/CD environment. Check out the official Playwright documentation for platform-specific installation instructions.

Next, in your CI/CD script, import the necessary modules from Playwright. If you're using Chromium, you'd import { chromium } from playwright.

const { chromium } = require('playwright');

Launch Chromium with the chromium.launch() method, making sure to disable headless mode (headless: false). This lets you interact with the browser during CI/CD execution.

const browser = await chromium.launch({ headless: false });

Now, you're ready to load and test your Chrome extension. The steps may vary depending on your extension's packaging and distribution.

If your extension is in a specific directory, use the --load-extension and --disable-extensions-except flags to specify its path.

const pathToExtension = '/path/to/my-extension';
await context.addExtensions(pathToExtension);

If your extension is on the Chrome Web Store or another platform, you can install it programmatically using their APIs or CLI tools.

After loading the extension, use Playwright's API methods to perform any tests or validations specific to your application's requirements.

Finally, don't forget to close the browser instance once all tests are done.

await browser.close();

Remember, these steps should be adapted to your specific CI/CD setup and requirements. Happy testing!


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