What are the best practices for locating a button on a webpage using Playwright?


Locating Buttons with Playwright

Finding a button on a webpage with Playwright can be done in several ways.

Chaining and Filtering Locators

You can use chaining and filtering locators to narrow down the search to a specific part of the page. This allows you to filter locators by text or by another locator. Here's an example:

const button = page.locator('button').withText('Submit');

Avoid XPath or CSS selectors as they can change and lead to failing tests if your DOM structure changes.

Using Playwright's Test Generator

Playwright's test generator can generate locators based on role, text, and test id locators. It improves the locator to make it resilient and uniquely identify the target element.

const button = page.locator('button').withRole('button').withText('Submit');

Locators API

Playwright's new Locators API represents a view of elements on the page. Unlike ElementHandle which points directly at an element, Locator captures the logic of how to retrieve an element.

React and Vue Selector Engines

Playwright also offers experimental React and Vue selector engines that allow selecting elements by component name or property values.

Clicking a Button

When clicking on a button, you have several options such as specifying which mouse button to use, setting click count, adding delay between mousedown and mouseup, bypassing actionability checks with force option, specifying modifier keys during operation, and opting out waiting for navigations via noWaitAfter flag.

await button.click({ button: 'left', clickCount: 1, delay: 0 });

For more details, check out Understanding the Difference Between Locators and Selectors in @playwright/test.


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