How do I retrieve the updated URL after a page redirect in Playwright?


Retrieving the Current URL After a Redirect in Playwright

You can easily get the current URL after a redirect in Playwright using the page.url() method. This method returns the URL of the current page.

Here's a quick example:

import { chromium } from 'playwright';

async function getCurrentURL() {
  const browser = await chromium.launch();
  const context = await browser.newContext();
  const page = await context.newPage();

  // Navigate to a page that performs a redirect
  await page.goto('https://ray.run/redirect');

  // Wait for the navigation to complete
  await page.waitForNavigation();

  // Get the current URL after the redirect
  const url = page.url();
  console.log(url); // Output: https://ray.run/redirected-page

  await browser.close();


In this code, we're launching a Chromium browser, creating a new context and page, and then navigating to a webpage that performs a redirect. After the redirect is complete, we're using page.url() to retrieve the updated URL.

Remember to wait for navigation events using methods like waitForNavigation() before retrieving or interacting with elements on redirected pages. This ensures that Playwright has finished loading and processing all necessary resources before proceeding with further actions.

For more tips on efficient Playwright test scripts, check out this blog post.


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