What are some reasons why the console tab in Playwright UI Mode is not displaying anything and how can I resolve this?


Console Tab in Playwright UI Mode

If your console tab in Playwright UI Mode is empty, it could be due to a few reasons. Let's explore them and their solutions.

No Console Logs

The console tab only shows logs if there are console.log statements or errors in your test actions. If your test doesn't have any, the console tab will be empty. You can add console.log statements in your test code to output information to the console. Here's an example:

console.log("This is a log message");

Disabled Console Output

Your test configuration might have disabled or suppressed the output of console logs. Playwright provides a contextOptions object where you can specify various options for browser contexts, including recordConsole. If recordConsole is set to false, it will disable recording of console messages. To enable it, set recordConsole to true or don't specify it at all:

const context = await browser.newContext({
  recordConsole: true,

Test Execution Errors

If there are errors during test execution but they're not displayed in the console tab, it could indicate an issue with error handling or reporting. Ensure your tests have proper error handling mechanisms such as try-catch blocks. Also, check if any custom error reporters or frameworks might interfere with displaying errors in the console tab. Make sure they're properly configured to output errors to the console.

In conclusion, if your console tab in Playwright UI Mode is empty, try adding console.log statements, check for any disabled console output settings, and ensure proper error handling and reporting mechanisms are in place.


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