How does Playwright determine if an element is editable and how can it be checked for an input box?


Checking Editable Elements with Playwright

In Playwright, an editable element is one that's enabled and doesn't have the readonly property set. You can interact with it, like inputting or editing text.

How to Check if an Element is Editable

Playwright provides the isEditable() method to check if an element is editable. Here's how you can use it with an input box:

const inputBox = await page.$('input[type="text"]');
const isEditable = await inputBox.isEditable();

In this example, we're using page.$() to find the input box using a CSS selector. Then, we call isEditable() on the inputBox object. If isEditable returns true, the input box is editable.

Remember, an element being "editable" doesn't mean you can interact with all elements within it. Some contenteditable elements may limit certain modifications.

So, an input box is considered editable in Playwright if it's enabled and doesn't have the readonly property set. Happy testing with Playwright!

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