How do I integrate Allure with Playwright for test reporting?


Sure, you can pair Playwright with Allure. Allure is a third-party reporter that's compatible with Playwright. To set it up, you need to define the reporter in your configuration file like this:

  "reporter": "./my-awesome-reporter.ts"

This tells Playwright to use your custom reporter instead of the default one.

Before you start, install Allure as a dependency in your project. Then, configure it by creating a new instance of the Allure interface and passing in any options you want to set.

import { Allure } from 'allure-js-commons';
let allure = new Allure();

Remember, third-party reporters like Allure might have their own limitations or issues. So, always test your reporters thoroughly before using them in production.

Also, consider other aspects of Playwright when integrating with Allure. For instance, if you're using Vite for bundling components, there are some limitations around importing files from TSX/JSX/Component files.

In conclusion, integrating Playwright with Allure can provide more detailed reporting on your tests. Just make sure to test everything before deploying it into production.


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