What are the steps to view and generate a report of Playwright tests in a GitHub Action?


Generating and Viewing Playwright Test Reports in GitHub Actions

First, create a GitHub repository and initialize it with git init. This will let you manage your code.

git init

Next, navigate to the Workflows tab on GitHub to check your test results. Click on the Details link in the PR status check for more information.

To see test logs and error messages, select the workflow run and click on "Run Playwright tests".

To create an HTML report, go to the Artifacts section and download "playwright-report" as a zip file. Extract the zip file into a folder with Playwright installed.

npx playwright show-report <extracted-folder>

This command will serve the report locally for you to view in your browser.

To include all files for creating a trace in a GitHub Action with Playwright CLI or trace.playwright.dev:

  1. For Playwright CLI:
npx playwright show-trace trace.zip
  1. For trace.playwright.dev, upload trace files to https://trace.playwright.dev/ or open remote traces with their URL.
npx playwright show-trace https://ray.run/trace.zip

Remember, CORS rules may apply when accessing remote traces.

For more detailed steps, refer to the official Playwright and GitHub Actions documentation.


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