How do I find the definition of the 'registration' method using the 'login' object in the spec file in Visual Studio Code?


Here's how you can navigate to the 'registration' method's definition using the 'login' object in your spec file in Visual Studio Code:

  1. Open your spec file.
  2. Find the 'login' object.
  3. Right-click on the 'login' object and select "Go to Definition" or press F12.

This will take you to the 'login' object's definition. From there, you can find the 'registration' method.

If there are multiple 'login' objects, VS Code will show a list of options. Choose the correct one.

You may need to search across files using "Find All References" or "Find Symbol" if there are multiple files related to login and registration.

Ensure you've set up your project configurations and dependencies for Playwright and imported relevant modules or classes into your spec file.

This guide is based on general VS Code navigation and doesn't reference any specific Playwright documentation.


Thank you!
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