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has anyone started community fixtures project?

leblancmenesesposted in #help-playwright
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Example: https://github.com/microsoft/playwright/discussions/17813 I can see something similar to this being part of the project.

it would also need to solve this question: https://github.com/microsoft/playwright/discussions/14688

possible solutions: typescript variadic tuple types. where "base" is last argument in all enabled*fixtures.

composeFixtures(base, [
  enableFailTestIfLogHasWarningOrErrors.bind(null, [(log) => msg.text().includes('ignore')])

or should i just copy and paste : ).

This thread is trying to answer question "Has anyone started a community fixtures project?"

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i have a working version of composeFixture. Here is what i have in my codebase

const mytest = composeFixtures(base, [enableFailTestIfLogHasWarningOrError.bind(null, [])])

fyi: composeFixtures was added in 1.93 as mergeTests. With the same example given. A #shout-out would have been appreciated.

Doubt it that developera saw your messages here, they are not really active in discord. Multiple people can arrive at the same ideas and implementation.

Or maybe they did, who knows


I would agree if the requests on the GitHub discussion weren't so old and if the exact example I gave wasn't used.

Why the github links 404?


they must have deleted the discussion channel recently.


I was planning to put this in a contrib project and to help the community aggregate common fixtures. Without rep sharing, promotion is difficult.

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