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Trace viewer not able to load any of my traces

Step I made :

  1. Downloading the .zip file from my github action artifacts.
  2. Tried npx playwright show-trace playwright-report.zip --> Trace viewer open and I get Could not load trace from trace.zip. Make sure a valid Playwright Trace is accessible over this url.
  3. Tried to access https://trace.playwright.dev/ and upload my playwright-report.zip --> got the error: Could not load trace. Did you upload a Playwright HTML report instead? Make sure to extract the archive first and then double-click the index.html file or put it on a web server.
  4. Unzip playwright-report.zip, then zip the folder trace, and then retry step 2 and 3 with my zipped trace.zip. But same issue

I'm using playwright 1.38

Additionnal note: If run a simple local server, I can read the trace without any issue by accessing the index.html

This thread is trying to answer question "Why is the Trace viewer not able to load any of my traces?"

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It sounds like it's telling you exactly what's going wrong. You need to give it a trace.zip file, not a zipped playwright-report folder. Turn on traces in the config, then when a test fails it will create a trace.zip in the test-results/ directory


a trace.zip file looks very different to the trace folder in the playwright-port folder


You might be able to try the .zip file in the data folder inside playwright-report


but all in all you should enable traces in the config file and use the real traces from the test-results folder


Yes indeed, I assumed that at the trace folder inside the report would be what a I was looking for. It still seems that the report contains the trace, taught it would be possible to use trace folder and zip.

The documentation says about Github Action report upload, but doesn't mention the upload of test-results/ files

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