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Playwright report

Great work @debbieobrien 👍 I have one thing which needs to be improved please enhance the playwright report with more context and like we can add company name, project name and more other details like Allure or extent report

This thread is trying to answer question "How can the Playwright report be enhanced with more context and details?"

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Yeah, would be great to have ways to configure meta data

My suggestion is read the contribution guidelines and submit an issue with the request and the why it is important. You can also post the issue/feature request to your network and get folks to upvote it by 👍 emoji. This is how the dev team prioritizes work within the project.

Playwright has custom annotations which could potentially solve part of the above problem https://playwright.dev/docs/test-annotations#tag-tests refer “custom annotations “ section in the link

I attach a json file to each of my tests to allow a tester to manually rerun the test based on the dynamic data created. I found this very useful to keep the actual data away from the report. I also used allure reports which are easy to implement as well for playwright. I implemented allure reports with playwright, which worked great, but needed to pull it since we implemented GH pages and this did not work for us. Eventually we plan to revisit allure reports to go to S3 bucket rather than GH pages. One thing besides the annotation of tests from allure reports, I think a way of historically trending tests. I understand we do see flaky tests in a single run, but over a 30 day period we would like to prioritize our work towards tests that are problematic over a period of time. But hey, annotation is a great start to improve reporting rather than rolling a custom approach. I will up vote reporting improvements.

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