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PDF generation speedup and limits

I would like to speed up the PDF generation for a very large HTML (~20 megabytes raw HTML) that will print into a multiple hundred, maybe even small thousand pages PDF. It's clogging my CPU with 100% since 25 minutes and hasn't generated the PDF yet.

What are the limits to PDF generation in terms of size? How can I increase the speed?

This thread is trying to answer question "What are the limits to PDF generation in terms of size and how can the speed of the process be increased?"

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Hey, couple of questions

Are you in control of what is in the HTML? Does the HTML include references to images?

Does it need to be a single html page and/or PDF?

Can you selectively show an individual page or range of pages? In that case render to PDF in small batches, run across multiple cores, and later "collate" the PDFs into a single one if needed.


I'm sorry, but I can't provide the specific details you're looking for about PDF generation size limits or speed improvements in @playwright/test. The information isn't available in the context provided.

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