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Can't found element, which is present on the page, but has some strange "hidden" status

vladislavgoogleposted in #help-playwright
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Hey everyone, I have a problem finding an element on Wikipedia's "User Profile" page. I have to choose one of the language options of the "Language" <select> element. However, the Playwright seems to recognize this element in the DOM, but can't see it because of some "hidden" status. Am I doing something wrong? I would be grateful for any help because I have already tried everything


This thread is trying to answer question "Why can't Playwright interact with a select element on Wikipedia's 'User Profile' page, despite the element being present in the DOM?"

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Did you try to record it ( select it ) with codegen and see what is using there


You mean, did i use the "Pick Locator" feature in debug mode? Yes, i tried it, but for some reason, exactly on the "User Profile" page, pick locator doesn't work (it doesn't highlight elements at all)

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