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Integration of Playwright with Azure Test Plans

So I have successfully integrated my playwright tests with azure test plans using the instructions in this repo. https://github.com/alexneo2003/playwright-azure-reporter

Now I have one more issue. When I run my tests using this interface, it just shows a blank screen and doesn't run.

If anybody has worked on it, please help me out how to fix this.


This thread is trying to answer question "How to fix the issue of a blank screen appearing when trying to run Playwright tests integrated with Azure Test Plans?"

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Hi, wondering if you were able to figure this out?

It didn't work as I wanted it to

@ritavdas: Did you find an alternative?

Did you find an alternative?

Unfortunatelly there is no way to start a test within the Test Plan, the task in the pipelines does snot support playwright test runner. The framework above can help you update/set the Outcome of a test, when it is run locally or in a pipeline.

To have that feature you need to do your playwright tests and run them with Nunit/Xunit test runner (.Net)


Fixing Blank Screen Issue in Playwright Tests with Azure Test Plans

Experiencing a blank screen when running Playwright tests with Azure Test Plans? Don't worry, here's a quick guide to help you out.

Step 1: Check Configuration

First, ensure your playwright.config.ts file is properly configured. It should include the JUnit reporter configuration. Here's an example:

reporter: ['junit', { outputFile: 'test-results/e2e-junit-results.xml' }]

Step 2: Verify Azure Pipelines Settings

If you're using Azure Pipelines, check your pipeline configuration. Make sure you've defined the necessary triggers and pool settings for running Playwright tests.

Step 3: Install Dependencies

Before running tests, install Node.js and Playwright dependencies. Use NodeTool@0 task to install Node.js and npm ci to install project dependencies.

Step 4: Install Playwright Browsers

Run npx playwright install --with-deps to install all required browser binaries.

Step 5: Run Playwright Tests with Proper Parameters

Finally, run your Playwright tests command (npx playwright test) with correct parameters. Make sure to specify the project and shard index/total values correctly.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the blank screen issue. If you need further assistance, feel free to ask more specific questions.

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