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Dumb question about Playwright in CI/CD

Hey all,

my company has me integrating Playwright to get some testing coverage in our code base but I'm struggling with getting it to run in the CI/CD pipelines in Gitlab. Everything works on local as expected since I can just target localhost:8080 and it'll run fine. But on the CI/CD pipeline, it'll fail just past the login screen.

My question is do I need to target localhost for the baseURL or do I need to target a url such as playwright.dev

This thread is trying to answer question "Do I need to target `localhost` for the baseURL or do I need to target a url such as `playwright.dev` when integrating Playwright in the CI/CD pipelines in Gitlab?"

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Hey 👋 , So you want to spin up a localhost running on port 8080 with develop and run the tests against that correct? Or Do you have a devopment env(Staging) that you would like to run against?

We have a dev env (Staging) that I want to run it against in the CI/CD pipeline

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